Shine Bright

Try our ultra-pure vodkas and seltzers produced in Windsor, CO

What could be a better combination than diamonds and vodka? Each bottle of Four Carat Vodka contains pure Rocky Mountain snowmelt mixed with gluten-free ultra-premium alcohol. Once each bottle is filled in Windsor, CO, it goes into a brilliant custom box, specifically designed to give our retail audience the slightest peek of what's inside, while securing the mystery of our one-of-a-kind collectible diamond closures.

Each of our collector series bottles features a different diamond cut closure inspired by some of the most sought-after diamonds in the world. Find your diamond with Four Carat Vodka today.

Count on us to deliver vodkas and seltzers that are:


Made by master distillers

Only produced in small batches

Made with real ingredients

Treat yourself to the finest spirits. Next time you go out, bring a bottle of Four Carat Vodka.

Just look for the diamond topper

We're more than just your typical vodka and seltzer company. Our diamond-standard vodka is boldly designed and crafted to add an extra bit of fun and mystery to your usual night out. Think you can collect all five of our special diamond bottle toppers? You'll want to keep your eye out for the rare heart-shaped diamond to finish your collection.

Try our diamond-standard vodka today-sold in stores throughout the state of Colorado

Collect Every Diamond

See if you can spot our rare heart-shaped topper