Diamond Inspired

What could be a better combination than diamonds and vodka? Each bottle contains pure Rocky Mountain snow mixed with gluten free ultra-premium alcohol. The top of our bottles are inspired by the most well-known and sought after diamonds on earth. Our Collector Series bottles each feature a different diamond cut closure.


Four Carat Vodka is inspired by the most famous diamond styles in the world. Diamonds that are of the highest quality and purity. Our vodka has many of these same characteristics. Click here to find out more.

Craft Cocktails

If you’re a craft cocktail connoisseur like we are, then you’ll love the smooth, crisp taste of 4 Carat Vodka which pairs well with most any liqueur, infusion, or bitters. And if you’re a purist, just pour over ice.

Rocky Mountain Water

The water in every bottle of Four Carat Vodka contains snow melt from the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Minerals contained in the water add to the character and smoothness you’ll find in each sip.